In my life prior to Southern Season…

by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer

In my life prior to Southern Season, I had the distinct pleasure of working with some spectacular winemakers. One of my favorites has always been Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat and Clendenen Family Vineyards. Jim is truly a giant among men and it is always a pleasure to have the chance to converse with an artist about their craft, especially one so soulful and passionate. Au Bon Climat (loosely translates to a well… read more

The Brothers Kast; Wine & Cheese Class of Italy 6/28

by Alexander Kast in Wine & Beer, Cheese

Cheese and wine are old world friends who have a lot of history together. Alsatian Munster with Riesling, Champagne with Triple Crèmes and Stilton with Port are just a few of the classic pairings one can make and be assured that they would be complementary. It is truly a joyous moment to have the perfect wine and cheese harmonize with one another and be enjoyed in the company of friends and family.
My brother, Maximilian… read more

Austria Uncorked

by Alexander Kast in Wine & Beer, Cheese, Cheese

With Father’s Day having just passed, I thought about the fact that my Father attended University in Austria when he was young. It’s a part of my dad’s story that I really know little about, which is also true about my knowledge of Austria’s extensive wealth in the world of cuisine.
Fortunately, it is not hard to find information about this world of culinary treats! As a matter of fact, some of the most famous foods… read more

A Summer of Riesling

by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer, Cheese, Cheese, Wine & Beer

A wonderful thing is happening across the US and globally…June 20th begins the “Summer of Riesling.” As participants, Southern Season will be pouring Riesling throughout the summer (as well as various and sundry other products), all 94 days of it!
The rollout of the SoR falls in conjunction with our Friday’s Uncorked Wines of Austria Tasting. We will be sampling 7 different wines from Austria, one of which… read more

Wine Matters

by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer, Cheese, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer

With Father’s Day right around the corner, this seems like the perfect opportunity to showcase wines made for grilling. What makes a wine pair better than another for grilled foods? According to a Weber grill watch survey, the top Grill items in America are steak, chicken, hamburgers, salmon and ribs. Pair these with the sensory aromatics of a charcoal grill and what you really need are wines with ripe fruit, firm tannins… read more

Cheesemonger Invitational

by Alexander Kast in Wine & Beer, Cheese, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer, Cheese

For those who aren’t up with their cheese vernacular, Monger is a British term coined to identify a dealer or trader of a commodity. The term has grown in popularity with the fish and cheese community (a stinky group I’m sure) with both respective worlds now using Fishmonger and Cheesemonger for anyone who mans the counter. As mongers we pride ourselves on the ability to cut and wrap with ease, weighing with… read more