Masa Tsujimura

Upcoming Class:
Taste of the Triangle: Waraji — August 26, 2012 2:00 PM 
Get to know the Chef
What are your top 5 kitchen tools?
A knife, my sharpening stone, a makisu (bamboo rolling mat), a good cutting board, and one more knife
What is your favorite culinary destination?
My hometown of Shimonoseki, Japan is where I would go. I would eat kamameshi, a rice stew prepared in an iron pot, and then some kawarasoba, tea… read more


by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer

If you been through Southern Season’s Wine Department in the last week, you will surely have noticed the ongoing changes.  I thought this week would be a good time to give you a preview of our vision for the new Southern Season Wine Department.
I find that I and the rest of the sales staff are often asked if we sell beer…what?  Of course we do…it’s just well hidden.  Alas, no more! The “Beer Nook”… read more

A tribute to Daphne Zepos, a leader and visionary in the American Cheese Community

by Alexander Kast in Wine & Beer, Cheese

Years ago, when I first began working with cheese, I met a wonderful woman named Daphne Zepos.  At the time, she was just beginning her importing business, selling only one type of cheese, a Comte from Marcel Petite Fort Saint Antoine.  She worked alongside Jason Hinds of Neals Yard Dairy , where he would visit the Fort and hand select each wheel of Comte based on a certain tasteprofile.  They even set up a small stand… read more