Brian Adornetto

Upcoming Classes:
Yankee Meets Dixie, August 11, 2012 4:00 PM
Grilling for Beginners – Barbecue Basics — September 9, 2012 2:00 PMĀ 
Get to know the Chef
What are your top 5 kitchen tools?
Chef’s knife, tongs, fish spatula, wooden spoon, and a 14 inch saute pan
What is your favorite culinary destination?
Florence, Italy
What smell evokes a wonderful memory?
Actually, I guess it’s more of a combination… read more

North Carolina Sturgeon Caviar: No Longer a Rumor!

by Jason Piekarski

This just in!
One of the reasons I love working at Southern Season is the arrival of something rare and unusual. It’s exciting to see faces light up like they’ve just seen an old friend and bewilderment blooming on the new faces in the crowd. It’s a time when we get plenty of stories, some of which may induce blushing, and misty eyes as we instill our excitement into our colleagues; training them by anecdote.… read more