As we spring into summer…

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Here in the South, springtime is quickly fleeting with summer nipping at its heels. Before we know it, school is out and Father’s day is quickly approaching. Picnics become barbecues and barbecues become cookouts – so the question begs, “what do we serve?” Well, for beer and white wine drinkers, the options are endless: pale ales, shandys, lambics, seasonal – Pinot Grigios, Gascony blends, Sauvignons and,… read more


Ben Barker

Get to know the Chef
What are your top 5 kitchen tools?
Nenox Japanese chef’s knife, wooden spoon, microplane zester, Chinese skimmer, Peltex fish spatula.
What is your favorite culinary destination?
San Francisco.
What smell evokes a wonderful memory?
Lemon poundcake; it reminds me of cooking with my grandmother.
What do you have that is interesting in your refrigerator?
Confit turkey necks.
When did you… read more

Cow, Goat & Sheep’s Milks… but what about di Bufala?

by Matt Hart in Wine & Beer, Cheese

Caseificio Quattro Portoni (Four Gates) is a dairy farm located in Cologno al Serio (in the province of Bergamo), Italy. They specialize in fifteen different cheeses made from milk of the domesticated Mediterranean Water Buffalo. Buffalo milk is not only higher in fat, protein and minerals than cows’ milk (making it an ideal candidate for cheese), but the buffalo requires far less land to graze upon to produce… read more

An Homage to Mothers

by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer, Cheese, Wine & Beer

This is the time of year we celebrate our mothers and reflect on the wondrous responsibility and gratification of being a mother. I grew up the youngest of five children with only my mother as a parent so, needless to say, she had her hands full! I attribute many of my character traits to my mother: My passions for friends, food, wine and family (not necessarily in that order); my work ethic, my gratitude and ability to see… read more