“Hey, there’s something in the bottom of my glass!”

by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer

“Hey, there’s something in the bottom of my glass!”…or on the end of the cork or even stuck to the lip and inside neck of the bottle; but what is it? I’ve been getting this question a lot lately. With the arrival of the “natural” wine movement, we are seeing many more unfiltered, unrefined wines on the market. This resurgence of wines in the raw has brought on more customer confusion. There… read more

Organic, Bio-Dynamic, Estate, Low Sulfite….so many choices, what do they all mean?

by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer

This is, of course, a vast subject that could literally span volumes; but in the interest of expediency and keeping this blog somewhat short and readable, I plan to just cover the highlights. I have, over the past months, had several inquiries regarding the questions, so I will do my best to answer them. Let me start by stating with absolute clarity: I am not a medical professional, I hold no degrees in science/chemistry,… read more

Dad wants cheese…duh!

by Matt Hart in Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer, Cheese

With Father’s Day approaching, it seems one could cut the nervous energy in the air with a knife (preferably a cheese knife). Although men contend they’re the more easy-going of the sexes, it is my humble opinion that we men are far pickier than our female counterparts when it comes to receiving gifts from loved ones. I can see it now: frantic, last-minute shopping by Mothers with children in tow, desperately scrambling… read more