What is Your Favorite Wine?

by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer

What is your favorite wine? I must get asked this at least 5 times a day. It seems like such a simple question, but it becomes a daunting task to answer. Wine, for me, is extremely subjective. Like so many things in life, what I enjoy is influenced by the time of day, where I am, what mood I may be in, what is happening at the time and what I have consumed prior (food, beer, spirits, other wine…). Because of this, you will rarely… read more

Summer in North Carolina: It’s So Hard to Beat the Heat!

by Matt Hart in Wine & Beer, Cheese

We cheesemongers notice an enormous lull in the sales of semi-firm and firm cheeses come summertime (doubly so if your counter resides in a College town like ours does). It would appear that most folks don’t want to stuff firm or semi-firm cheeses into their skulls on hot summer days unless, of course, said cheeses are sliced and melted on a burger. While summertime sales of firm and semi-firm decline, the fresh cheeses… read more

The Color of Wine…

by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer, Cheese, Wine & Beer


One of any bottle’s most recognizable characteristics, color is the element of wine that helps distinguish ripeness, development and, in some cases, varietal. The origins of color in wine can come from the skins, juice, fermentation and aging methods as well as simply the age of the wine itself. I recently had the opportunity to discuss the color of a particular wine with someone who insisted that red wines… read more