Matt and Ted Lee

Get to know the Chef(s)
Upcoming cookbook signing: 10/4 3:00 PM 
What are your top 5 kitchen tools?
Cast-iron skillet, chef’s knife, sturdy tongs, microplane grater, commercial-grade manual citrus juicer
What is your favorite culinary destination?
What smell evokes a wonderful memory?
The aroma of peanuts boiling.
What do you have that is interesting in your refrigerator?
Pickled radishes.
When… read more

The Celebrity Wine Stigma – A Winery Profile

by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer

I recently reconnected with an old friend of “wine.”  About five years ago, I worked covering the southeastern region for an import company out of New York that specialized in Hungarian and Italian wines (talk about a hard day’s work….) and tucked in that portfolio were some French, German, Spanish selections as well. In fact, the whole portfolio was full of gems. One of those little “gems” was a winery… read more

This Autumn’s Finest Cheese Selections

by Matt Hart in Wine & Beer, Cheese

Beaufort you pick up that piece of Gruyère or Comté, do read the following post and choose wisely.
September will be a fun-filled month for cheese! There are many, many new cheeses to choose from at the counter, and as autumn and the holidays approach, that selection will only get better and better!
Here are a few we’ll feature for your tasting pleasure in September:
September for many cheesemongers marks the… read more