Domenica Marchetti

Get to know the Chef(s)
In Domenica’s own words: “Italian home cooking is my first passion in the kitchen. Food is at the center of Italian family life and I have probably spent the equivalent of half my hours on this earth in kitchens and around dinner tables, cooking, eating, talking, arguing and socializing. If I’m exaggerating, it is not by much. The food I cook is the food I love to eat and feed others:… read more

Celebration Season

by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer

It is celebration season: Mardi Gras, Saint Patrick’s Day, NCAA Tournament, Passover and Easter—this is definitely a busy time of year, and when we celebrate, well, we need to toast the event with the appropriate beverage. There are beverages for any and every occasion and ones that match any taste or style preference. Of course with Mardi Gras, I’m sure many of you indulged in the random Hurricane or Sazerac,… read more

March Features

by Matt Hart in Wine & Beer, Cheese

This month we’ll have a split focus in cheese featuring our favorite local cow’s milk farm as well as some internationally-known Irish cheeses in honor of the one, the only, the deceased: Saint Patrick of Ireland.
Let’s begin with our local feature, shall we? 
We’ll be featuring three fabulous cheeses made by Flo, Portia and their devoted crew at North Carolina’s own Chapel Hill Creamery.
The Chapel Hill… read more