Mother’s Day Events at Southern Season

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Chapel Hill, NC:
Mother’s Day Wines
Friday, May 8 • 5 p.m. Bubbles, beers and graduation celebration! Commemorate the commencement and celebrate Mom with a wealth of wines/beers and treats for Mother’s Day and Graduation.$15
Chocolate Dipping at the Tasting Station
Saturday, May 9 • 11 a.m. Just in time for Mother’s Day and to kick off our Annual Chocolate Extravaganza,… read more

Mother’s Day Candy

by Megan Scanlon - Candy Buyer in News & Events, Candy

Well, hello there! Looks like you survived Valentine’s Day and came back for Mother’s Day. Yay, you! Mother’s Day is swiftly coming up on the horizon and what to do what to do! Kids are really what Mother’s Day is all about in so many different ways, especially when it comes to making them feel included in the choices made for Mom.
In our stores we’re getting so many different kinds of boxed chocolates in for Mom!… read more

Mother’s Day Gifts – Ideas and Inspiration

by Caitlin Doyle - House and Home Buyer in News & Events, Candy, Learn

Hi everyone!
My name is Caitlin Doyle, and I am Southern Season’s House & Home Buyer.  I joined the Southern Season team back in September and am very excited to write my first blog post, especially because it is for Mother’s Day.  We have tons of great products for your amazing moms!  Jewelry, handbags, and candles are ALWAYS perfect gifts for your mommy! I have listed some of my favorites below! 
JEWELRY:… read more

Sandra Gutierrez, Empanadas and Southern Season

by Sandra A. Gutierrez in News & Events, Candy, Learn, Learn, News & Events

I’m so excited to share the launch of my newest cookbook, Empanadas: The Hand-Held Pies of Latin America, with all of my friends at Southern Season! 
Empanadas are small pies that are filled with myriad kinds of succulent fillings. The stuff inside the dough can be sweet, savory, or a combination of both. In the book, I explain the great story of these little pies and how they arrived in Latin America. I also describe… read more

Spring Wines in Richmond, VA

by Sergio Pinzon, Richmond Store Wine Manager in News & Events, Candy, Learn, Learn, News & Events, Wine & Beer

It seems spring has finally arrived or just skipped us and we’re straight in to summer here in Richmond.
I always look forward to this time of year. As the vines start budding and waking up, so does our appetite for fresh, bright and sometimes pink wines. Spring is a transitional period for both food and wine, we have plenty of winter vegetables left over while the spring ones slowly make their way on to our plate. This transitional… read more

Coffee Expo 2015

by Emily McGuire in News & Events, Candy, Learn, Learn, News & Events, Wine & Beer, News & Events

The story of coffee culture is the story of us – freshly roasted and as close to home as possible. In 1975, Southern Season started as a small coffee roaster in Chapel Hill, NC. It was the first of its kind in the area, which helped us launch into the world of gourmet and specialty food. Our love of exploring the rich tastes produced in the South hasn’t stopped there as we have expanded our selection of high quality… read more

A Busy Spring in the Cheese World

by Dany Schutte in News & Events, Candy, Learn, Learn, News & Events, Wine & Beer, News & Events, Cheese

Finally! Spring is starting to peek through! At least here in Virginia, we have had a late winter. Even though I live in a townhouse and just have a small patio space in which to garden, I’m aching to put my hands into some soil and pot up my plants. But it makes me happy to see some tomatoes growing, maybe a few peppers, some mint, basil and sage for herbs and I keep trying my hand at lemon cucumbers, but just not having a lot… read more

La Pasquetta, a spring celebration

by Charlotte Myer in News & Events, Candy, Learn, Learn, News & Events, Wine & Beer, News & Events, Cheese, Specialty Grocery

La Pasquetta, or “Little Easter,” is the traditional Italian celebration of Easter Monday, a favorite holiday among Italian people. There is a saying in Italy, “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi,” which means that Christmas is to be spent with family, while Easter can be spent with whomever you like! In practice, this usually means that Easter Sunday is spent with family, while Pasquetta is spent with friends,… read more

Spring is here – as are new wines!

by Elizabeth Cooper in News & Events, Candy, Learn, Learn, News & Events, Wine & Beer, News & Events, Cheese, Specialty Grocery, Wine & Beer

The Spring Solstice has passed and we are in the time of year that sees the cherry trees blossom and gardens readied for planting. In the vineyard, this is the time of year we look for budbreak – a vulnerable time in the life cycle of the grapevine as spring frosts can happen and wreak havoc. It is also the time of year we look for the release of rosé wine, and in the retail and restaurant business it’s the time we start seeing… read more

Set the table for spring

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