The exciting new world of…ketchup!

by Charlotte Myer in Specialty Grocery

Condiment lovers take note: if 2013 was the year of the specialty mustards, and 2014 belonged to mayonnaise and aioli, then 2015 so far has been dedicated to a slew of new and interesting ketchups arriving on the scene. And it’s about time. Long dominated by just a few large manufacturers, the ketchup world has until now been decidedly one note. Now, food artisans are reimagining our favorite burger topping, using better-quality… read more

Making risotto? Try a pressure cooker!

by Marilyn Markel in Specialty Grocery, Recipes

I recently received the new All-Clad PC8 pressure cooker and I was so excited to try it out. I was delighted to learn this pressure cooker works on the stovetop, which is great because you have the sturdy All-Clad pot to sear, sauté, whatever you need to do to start your dish. This is especially valuable if you want to sear meat such as short ribs or pork shoulder before you begin. For my test dish I started with risotto. I… read more

The Stuff of Legend

in Specialty Grocery, Recipes, News & Events

It’s time for our famous semi-annual sale! Nearly 40 years ago we started the tradition of clearing out the store every summer (we have to make room for all of the new items our buyers have found) and customers have clamored to take advantage of huge savings on some amazing merchandise.
This year, we’ll be carrying on this great tradition in all of our stores from Saturday, June 13, through Sunday, July 5. In Chapel Hill,… read more

It’s Barbecue Time!

by Chris Holaday in Specialty Grocery, Recipes, News & Events, News & Events

Ever since man discovered fire, and realized that cooked meat was highly preferential to raw, grilling over a flame has been one of everyone’s favorite ways to prepare food. Over the eons, the techniques have been perfected and in this country, our grilling traditions carry the influence of Native Americans and early colonists. In fact the word barbecue comes from the Spanish, who used the word barbacoa to refer to… read more