The Corkscrew: The Wine Lover’s Best Friend For 400 Years

by Chris Holaday in Wine & Beer

Before any wine aficionado takes that first sip of ruby or golden nectar it must first be freed from the glass container in which it has so lovingly been sealed by the winemaker. To do so usually requires the assistance of a corkscrew, something most probably think of as a utilitarian device that languishes in a kitchen drawer until needed.
Early wine bottles were sealed by corks inserted in such a way that a substantial… read more

Not-Fried Chicken

by Jill Warren Lucas

Who can resist crispy fried chicken for a summer supper? If you crave the taste, but not the fuss of frying, here’s a savory shortcut baked in the oven with an irresistible crust of crushed cheese straws and panko.
This recipe serves two as a main course; double it and use thigh and drumstick portions to serve as appetizers for a crowd. Be sure to save some cheese straws to nibble while the chicken cooks.
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