A Sparkling Toast to Start the Year

by Chris Holaday in Wine & Beer

Whether you’re staying in and having a quiet New Year’s Eve or going out to party, popping open a bottle of bubbly as the clock ticks midnight has become a tradition worldwide. Once seen as the luxurious drink of aristocrats, sparkling wines have been the celebratory beverage of choice at parties and momentous occasions for centuries.
Not to get too much into the science of why sparkling wines sparkle, but the cause… read more

Celebrate The Holidays With Beer

by Chris Holaday in Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer

If you’re into beer, your beverage of choice on a hot July day is not going to be the same one you reach for on cold, dark December evening. You may love your IPAs and light lagers, but winter is the time of year to branch out and try some heartier brews that are perfect for the season.
Cool weather brings the arrival of beers from around the world that are often maltier and darker with less hops. Many also have higher levels of… read more