The right tools make oyster shucking simple

by Jill Warren Lucas in Learn, Recipes

We’ve been gearing up at Southern Season to celebrate National Oysters on the Half Shell Day on March 31. There’s just one problem: Not all of us know how to shuck an oyster.
We asked Chef Ricky Moore of Durham, North Carolina’s acclaimed Saltbox Seafood Joint to show us – and you – how to shuck oysters like a boss.
“It’s not that hard,” says Moore, who grew up enjoying fresh seafood in coastal New Bern, North… read more

Bunny Madness

by Jill Warren Lucas in Learn, Recipes, Candy

Some people say it’s a bad idea to keep bunnies together, if you want to have the same number of bunnies over time. At Southern Season, we say: the more, the merrier.
“Sometimes it does seem like they are multiplying,” jokes Janet Perry of the Chapel Hill store’s candy department. “This time of year, with Easter around the corner, it’s hard to keep track.”
Easter is among the nation’s top candy-selling… read more

What’s In a Bottle?

by Chris Holaday in Learn, Recipes, Candy, Wine & Beer

Though glass blowing has been around since ancient Roman times, wine was usually carried and stored in clay jugs called amphorae. At the time, fragile and expensive glass, more often reserved for the serving of wine. Eventually, after production techniques improved, glass was found to be a good medium for storing wine since it didn’t affect taste.
One challenge with early glass was its strength. Wine wasn’t so… read more

National Crab Day

by Jill Warren Lucas in Learn, Recipes, Candy, Wine & Beer, Recipes

We wanted to share an expert’s perspective on the March 9th observance of National Crab Day. Lucky for us, there’s one just down the road from our flagship store in Chapel Hill.
Bill Smith is the longtime chef of Crook’s Corner, which has the distinct honor of being named an American Classic Restaurant by the James Beard Foundation. A native of New Bern, North Carolina, where he grew up catching crabs and shucking… read more