A Cure for Boring Mixers

by Southern Season

Like eating, drinking is an evolutionary process. As our palates become more refined, we seek out new tastes and have a greater appreciation for quality. The days of making beverage choices based only on price are over (we sincerely hope you no longer drink the cheap beer or convenience store wine you drank in college). It’s also a fun adventure to discover new craft beers, taste new varieties of wine or seek out small-batch… read more


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Today, VIETRI has become the largest importer of handcrafted Italian tableware and home decor products, working with family owned and operated factories throughout Italy. A leader in design, craftsmanship, and customer service, the VIETRI brand both complements the American lifestyle and celebrates all that is irresistibly Italian: a love of life, people, nature, and good living. Their mission today remains… read more

Product Spotlight: Haand Ceramics

by Chris Holaday in News & Events, Learn

In rural Alamance County, North Carolina, a large and slightly rusted corrugated metal building that formerly housed a cabinet shop gives little indication of what one might find inside. Actually, the building is home to a company named Haand Ceramics, producers of an ever-increasing line of beautiful porcelain dinnerware.
At Southern Season we always like to get to know our vendors on a personal level, especially… read more

Meet Kim Calaway

Kim Calaway is manager of Southern Season’s Chapel Hill Cooking School. After running the store’s tasting station and working in prep and as an instructor in the school,  she took over as manager in October 2015. Says Kim, “My life is consumed by food! Cooking with family and friends makes the world go around and placing food on the table can bring all walks of life together. It is incredible to sit back, watch, and… read more

Kids in the Kitchen

There are plenty of reasons to get kids in the kitchen at an early age. At Southern Season, we like to focus on the fun and creative aspects of cooking, which is why we offer a series of Kids in the Kitchen classes each quarter. They are ideal for children ages 8 to 12.
Know who else thinks it’s a good idea? The American Heart Association, which has documented such benefits as openness to eating more fruits and vegetables,… read more

Skills and sorbet

by Jeri Trull in News & Events, Learn, Learn

Simply walking into Southern Season feels like a luxury. The shelves are lined with gourmet chocolates, authentic Italian noodles of every shape and size, and seemingly endless rows of coffee.  It is a place I could wander about for hours and still find something completely unique. Reality came rushing back after I smelled an embarrassing amount of scented candles and realized it was nearly time for my first class… read more

July 4th Big Batch Cocktail

by Jill Warren Lucas in News & Events, Learn, Learn, Wine & Beer

Nobody wants to miss the fun of Fourth of July entertaining by mixing individual drinks for all of your guests. With this red, white and blue Summer Sangria from Weathervane Bar Manager Jess Donnell, you’ll be able to sip and celebrate!
Summer Sangria
In a gallon container, add:
8 cups/66 oz Ouro Vinho Verde
4 cups/33 oz Cannonborough Beverage Co. Grapefruit Elderflower
2 cups/16.5 oz Triple Sec
2/3 cup/ 5.5 oz Owl’s… read more

Willie Byrd Chocolate Sauce – Inspired by Dad

by Jill Warren Lucas in News & Events, Learn, Learn, Wine & Beer, Chocolate

When Ann Colby thinks about Father’s Day, she thinks about chocolate.
Her dad, William Byrd Rawlings – known to friends as Willie Byrd – used to make a dark chocolate sauce so irresistibly delicious that he kept a small silver spoon next to the jar he stashed in the cupboard. And everyone knew to not touch it unless invited.
“You did not get into dad’s jar of sauce,” Colby recalls with a laugh. “He made it all… read more

National Iced Tea Day

by Jill Warren Lucas in News & Events, Learn, Learn, Wine & Beer, Chocolate, Coffee & Tea

It’s said that you can tell a Southerner from their cheerful ability to imbibe sweet tea, which often has a sugar level higher than commercial colas. Likewise, you can spot a newbie from across the room by their shocked expression at receiving sweet tea from a server when mere iced tea was requested.
As we approach Saturday’s observance of National Iced Tea Day, it’s interesting to note that the first known appearance… read more

New Menus at Weathervane

by Jill Warren Lucas in News & Events, Learn, Learn, Wine & Beer, Chocolate, Coffee & Tea, News & Events

Guests at the Weathervane Restaurant and Patio now have few new dining options on new menus that reflect the input culinary vision of Damon Barham, Southern Season’s new corporate executive chef.
“We have a few new dishes and sides, as well as a handful of tweaks to come of our signature dishes,” says Barham, who joined the company in April. “Our goal is to update familiar Southern classics using the best available… read more