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The Perfect Pairing

by Rhonda Barnhart - Cheesemonger, Chapel Hill, NC in Cheese, Wine & Beer

We love our Cheese! My task was to pick three cheeses from our cheese department any milk, any rind, any region. Hand over the lucky trio to our Wine Department.  A little thought. A little discussion. And Voila! The perfect pairing had been born.
“Bring the cheese and let’s try this out!” I was told by a Southern Season wine expert. I was intrigued by this particular pairing and couldn’t wait for my palate to begin… read more

A Busy Spring in the Cheese World

by Dany Schutte in Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese

Finally! Spring is starting to peek through! At least here in Virginia, we have had a late winter. Even though I live in a townhouse and just have a small patio space in which to garden, I’m aching to put my hands into some soil and pot up my plants. But it makes me happy to see some tomatoes growing, maybe a few peppers, some mint, basil and sage for herbs and I keep trying my hand at lemon cucumbers, but just not having a lot… read more

Irish Cheese for March

by Dany Schutte in Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese, Cheese

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that has never seemed to have a clear season. Is it late winter or early spring?  I remember both snow and warm “spring fever” days happening in equal abundance growing up here in Richmond, Virginia. But regardless of the weather, Irish cheese is a natural for this time of year.
The Irish people have a long and rich history in the production of dairy products. The land in Ireland is very… read more

This Autumn’s Finest Cheese Selections

by Matt Hart in Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

Beaufort you pick up that piece of Gruyère or Comté, do read the following post and choose wisely.
September will be a fun-filled month for cheese! There are many, many new cheeses to choose from at the counter, and as autumn and the holidays approach, that selection will only get better and better!
Here are a few we’ll feature for your tasting pleasure in September:
September for many cheesemongers marks the… read more

Summer in North Carolina: It’s So Hard to Beat the Heat!

by Matt Hart in Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

We cheesemongers notice an enormous lull in the sales of semi-firm and firm cheeses come summertime (doubly so if your counter resides in a College town like ours does). It would appear that most folks don’t want to stuff firm or semi-firm cheeses into their skulls on hot summer days unless, of course, said cheeses are sliced and melted on a burger. While summertime sales of firm and semi-firm decline, the fresh cheeses… read more