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February Is for Lovers

by Matt Hart in Cheese

Although I could be wrong, I am fairly certain that February is for lovers.

Am I too cynical for Valentine’s Day? You can ask my wife Jenean and she will likely say yes. I’ve grown into other holidays as I’ve gotten older with little-to-no resistance, but I’ve yet to fall in love with Valentine’s Day. I don’t skip it by any means, but I must confess that Valentine’s Day is barely a blip on my holiday… read more

Mac and Cheese for the Soul

by Matt Hart in Cheese, Cheese

It’s 2014 people. Happy New Year! What’s there to be happy about? Well, for starters I’m happy to say we at the Southern Season Cheese Counter survived the holidays! Woo-hoo!
So this blog entry should be short and sweet (just like me… well, I’m more short than sweet), as I’m busy tying up loose ends before heading to San Francisco for the Cheesemonger Invitational West as well as the Fancy Food Show where… read more

Holiday Hustle and Bustle

by Matt Hart in Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

The holidays are upon us! Take arms cheesemongers, take arms! To your posts!  Defend your counters!
Oh, wait… no, don’t do that. I must confess, it’s pretty easy for a monger to get caught up in the rush and push of the holiday hustle and bustle and forget that we in fact are at the helm of what makes the holiday experience so special! Nowhere else in specialty food can you find such exciting seasonal varieties than… read more

November Cheeses

by Matt Hart in Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

Featured Cheeses
Rush Creek Reserve by Uplands Farm, Wisconsin

Located in a region of Wisconsin called the Driftless Area, the picturesque Uplands Farm sits amongst 300 acres of rolling Midwestern hills. Their herd consists of nine different breeds of cattle. Larger breeds, like Brown Swiss and Holstein, have been crossed with more specialized breeds like Tarentaise and Jersey, creating the perfect closed herd… read more

Fall is Officially Here!

by Matt Hart in Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

Can you believe it’s already October? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to say goodbye to the summer, but good Lord! Where does the time go? Fall is officially here and the gentler weather is rapidly approaching!! The leaves on the trees have begun to change from green to gold, the southern air is suddenly not quite so humid and the nighttime winds encourage you to bring a sweater when going out for the evening. Much like… read more

This Autumn’s Finest Cheese Selections

by Matt Hart in Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

Beaufort you pick up that piece of Gruyère or Comté, do read the following post and choose wisely.
September will be a fun-filled month for cheese! There are many, many new cheeses to choose from at the counter, and as autumn and the holidays approach, that selection will only get better and better!
Here are a few we’ll feature for your tasting pleasure in September:
September for many cheesemongers marks the… read more

Summer in North Carolina: It’s So Hard to Beat the Heat!

by Matt Hart in Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

We cheesemongers notice an enormous lull in the sales of semi-firm and firm cheeses come summertime (doubly so if your counter resides in a College town like ours does). It would appear that most folks don’t want to stuff firm or semi-firm cheeses into their skulls on hot summer days unless, of course, said cheeses are sliced and melted on a burger. While summertime sales of firm and semi-firm decline, the fresh cheeses… read more

Dad wants cheese…duh!

by Matt Hart in Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

With Father’s Day approaching, it seems one could cut the nervous energy in the air with a knife (preferably a cheese knife). Although men contend they’re the more easy-going of the sexes, it is my humble opinion that we men are far pickier than our female counterparts when it comes to receiving gifts from loved ones. I can see it now: frantic, last-minute shopping by Mothers with children in tow, desperately scrambling… read more

Cow, Goat & Sheep’s Milks… but what about di Bufala?

by Matt Hart in Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

Caseificio Quattro Portoni (Four Gates) is a dairy farm located in Cologno al Serio (in the province of Bergamo), Italy. They specialize in fifteen different cheeses made from milk of the domesticated Mediterranean Water Buffalo. Buffalo milk is not only higher in fat, protein and minerals than cows’ milk (making it an ideal candidate for cheese), but the buffalo requires far less land to graze upon to produce… read more

Capriole Farmstead Goat Cheeses

by Matt Hart in Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

Capriole Farmstead has been a favorite at the Southern Season cheese counter as of late. If you’ve paid us a visit in the last month, then I’m certain by now you’ve tasted at least one of their award winning Greenville, Indiana goat cheeses (Sofia, O’Banon, Juliana, Fromage A’Trois, Mont St. Francis). Judy Schad, her husband and their then three young children moved onto an abandoned… read more