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National Bloody Mary Day

by Charlotte Myer in Learn, Wine & Beer


“I’ve always loved New Year’s Day. More than the festivities of the night before, with their requisite planning, expectations, and the very real risk of having to wear high heels, New Year’s Day always feels like a fresh start: a day of optimism, and looking forward, and of making resolutions. But it’s also a day to sleep in and have a big brunch, which to me has always felt like… read more

Pickles and Preserves – Andrea Weigl

by Emily McGuire in Learn, Wine & Beer, Learn

Award winning food writer at the Raleigh, NC News and Observer and author of a new cookbook Pickles and Preserves, Andrea Weigl is an expert on putting delicious things in jars. She uses the best of each season’s harvest to preserve produce for year round enjoyment with extensively tested recipes. 
In November, we are extremely pleased to host Andrea in two pickling events. We caught up with her to give you a… read more

Vivian Howard’s Picks: Hometown Hero

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“Every town, big or small, has this guy. He’s a fixture at every fundraiser, a little league coach, and the guy who invites all the new folks in town over to his house for a barbecue. Unofficial mayors lack pretense, understand quality and love a salty peanut. So say thank you to the “guy who knows everybody’s name” with a few things he’ll enjoy.” – Vivian Howard
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You Think You Know Grits?

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Southerners have been on to something special for ages: grits. This beloved staple is served in many forms, from the classic way with just butter, salt and pepper to dressed up with cheese, jalapeños, shrimp or any number of other ingredients. Depending on the type of corn used, grits can be either yellow of white, but Southerners… read more

Meet the Producers: Souse Barbecue

by Charlotte Myer in Learn, Wine & Beer, Learn, Learn, News & Events, Learn, Recipes, Learn

Souse BBQ owner Rob Griffin has been spreading the good word about traditional eastern Carolina barbecue since long before he started his business, but after a series of fortuitous events, he decided to start selling his sauce for real. In just two short years, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Recently, he won second place in Our State magazine’s Sauce Boss contest and was named Best Vinegar-Based… read more

Meet the Producers: Southern Smoke Barbecue

by Charlotte Myer in Learn, Wine & Beer, Learn, Learn, News & Events, Learn, Recipes, Learn, Learn

Southern Smoke BBQ is a restaurant and sauce line based in Garland, North Carolina. Owner Matthew Register, a native eastern North Carolinian himself, has barbecue in his blood—one of his sauces is a 100-year-old family recipe that was entrusted to him by his wife’s late grandfather. With his restaurant and sauces, Matthew is aiming to preserve the region’s barbecue tradition for future generations of North… read more

The Bloody Mary Myth

by Southern Season in Learn, Wine & Beer, Learn, Learn, News & Events, Learn, Recipes, Learn, Learn, Learn

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