An Italian Thanksgiving

by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer

As we descend into retail holiday insanity, I wanted to a brief moment to reflect on this time of celebration.  I think the Thanksgiving meal, while culturally historic, really transcends the pilgrims and Native Americans.  Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family and friends, 

share a meal and create memories for which we can continue to be thankful. 

This has been a year of many changes for me –career and relocation.  So when I reflect on this past year, I am thankful for so many things: the opportunity to work at such a wonderful and unique establishment alongside passionate and talented colleagues, and the opportunity to be part of an industry for which I have great passion and to share that passion with anyone who will listen to me.

For me, wine makes every meal a bit of a celebration with endless options.   This year, Thanksgiving at my house, while unconventional (decided on all Italian), will be just that – here’s the menu:


Primi:   Cavair (by Altantic Caviar sold fresh from our deli) with homemade Crème fraiche and blinis – Drappier Naturale

Antipasti:  Porchini  Arancini  with mozzarella (from the cheese department)  and Panzanella con Bufala   - Coenobium

 Scallop with pumpkin polenta – Bera Arcese - Cotar Malvasia

Secondi:  Cinghiale with homemade pappardelle – Monte Rosola Civetta

Dolci:    Chateau Giraud Sauterne with sesame cookies

So, with a watering mouth and growling stomach, I wish you all a wonderful holiday of your own, traditional or not – filled with delicious food, drink, family and friends for which you can surely be thankful.