Ask Marilyn – “Crock Pots and Other Quick Meals”

by Marilyn Markel in Learn

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Reader Question:

I can’t cook worth a bit and I’m tired of going out all the time, can you please recommend a cookbook using a crock pot?? Thanks!!  
- Tara

Marilyn’s Answer:

Hi Tara,

Thank you for your question! A few years ago cooking teacher and author Diane Phillips wrote a slow cooker cookbook with other 400 recipes that I would recommend – “Slow Cooker: The Best Cookbook Ever”. There are a lot of other options for time saving meals as well! Many of our cooking classes can help you with time management cooking. You can view our Chapel Hill and Mt Pleasant class schedules online. If you roast a chicken or buy a roasted chicken, you can organize and create multiple meals. Our Chapel Hill store has a program called Dinner For You, where you can pre-order a delicious dinner 5 nights a week and pick it up. It’s a very reasonable way to eat nutritious meals five days a week without any preparation or planning on your part. There are also many ways to “cook your dinner” from a salad bar, besides just making a salad! For example, if you have on hand flour tortillas you can select fillings for quesadillas from a salad bar and make a very quick and easy dinner! I hope these tips help.

Thank you,