Ask Marilyn – “Freezing Dough”

by Marilyn Markel in Learn


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Reader Question:

I’m unclear about freezing things like cookies, empanadas, etc…please help!
- Susan

Marilyn’s Answer:

How to Freeze Cookie Dough

You can freeze cookies in many forms. For shaped cookies (like peanut butter), I usually go ahead and make the balls and press them with a fork. I put them closer together on a cookie sheet than I would for baking them and freeze them right on the sheet. Once they are frozen they can be put in a freezer safe bag or container until you are ready to bake them. I bake them right from the frozen state, for a few minutes longer than normal. You do not want to thaw them or they will stick together.

You can also form the cookie dough into a log and freeze that way. I wrap them very well with plastic wrap, and then when I am ready to use them I thaw in the refrigerator, or you can slice them frozen with a sharp knife. These are great things to have in the freezer for unexpected guests or just for ease during the holidays!

Empanadas also freeze well, and I do the same as with the shaped cookies. I like small, savory or sweet empanadas and often make them to freeze and use later. Pizza dough and pie doughs also freeze very well. Just remember to label everything clearly with a permanent pen and date it. You don’t want to freeze things for an extended period of time, but it’s a great time saver when I need it, which is often!