Ask Marilyn – “Royal Icing”

by Marilyn Markel in Learn

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Reader Question:

How do you get the royal icing to stop at the edge of a cookie?
- Erica

Marilyn’s Answer:

The technique to accomplish this is called pipe and flow, and it’s easy! Make some royal icing that is a little stiffer, and put it in a piping  bag with a round tip, or just cut a small hole in a disposable piping bag or ziplock bag, and pipe the icing around the edge of the cookie.  You can also pipe down the middle of the cookie if you want a two color (or more!) cookie.  Let this dry a few minutes and then make some looser, more liquid royal icing that will “flow”. Spoon this icing onto the cookie, and as you spread it around it will flow to the edge of the cookie and stop at the icing you piped before. 

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