Candy – A Thanksgiving Essential!

by Megan Scanlon in Candy

Hello fellow sugarholics, my name is Megan (hello Megan)! I know you all have bowls of Halloween candy floating around and have been endlessly eating from them. Now’s not the time for judging, I swear, BUT don’t think you can forget about Thanksgiving. When making a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner instead of hearing birds chirping, seeing deer peacefully grazing outside and having daydreams of Martha Stewart proclaiming your meal perfection, you hear: “When is dinner ready?” “What time is the game?” “Moooooom why aren’t the potatoes going to be mashed?” “Oh my god I’m going to literally die if Uncle Andy tells that story again!” I’m already tired, want to smack someone and refuse dinner to everyone. I know one thing that fixes it and lets you enjoy a family holiday with a heavy dose of happy silence…..CANDY!

Candy Corn with peanuts
An easy bowl treat is candy corn, and don’t give me that look. Candy corn is an age-old tradition in snacking through the fall. At Southern Season we have candy corn, sure, but we also have Indian corn. Indian corn is like candy corn’s cooler cousin; it is the exact same thing but with a little happy stripe of chocolate. We sell it in bulk, which is the best way to buy it because you can give all the tiny tots a little bag, or just pour it in a bowl for football games. Speaking of the bowl idea (sidenote) I highly suggest mixing Spanish peanuts with the candy corn because –holy hotness– you’ll have hit the sweet/salty mother load!

Salty Road
Need something cooler for the teens and college kids? Look no further than saltwater taffy from Salty Road and not just any flavor, but Pumpkin Pie. Whaaaaat?!?! Yeah, let’s repeat together: Pumpkin Pie Taffy. Go ahead and let the drooling commence. It is the best taffy with a light fluffy texture that won’t pull out any dental work and a flavor that is unparalleled. Not only is it amazing, but the packaging is absolutely adorable from a cute-as-can-be store out of Brooklyn. Each box is $6.50, which –let’s be honest– isn’t too high a price for your sanity.

Tiny tots screaming for food or begging for release to the outdoors where they’ll ruin their nice clothes? Look to Jelly Belly’s Beanboozled! Think of it as candy Russian roulette for kids, non-fight club style. The idea is to open the bag or box, then dare your friend to try a color. That’s when it becomes dangerous. One would think “Hey I’m 6 and I love me some Tutti-Frutti,” so sweet innocent 6 year old beelines for the one that looks like their beloved flavor. Once they put it in their mouth, though, they find that they didn’t pick Tutti-Frutti at all -they picked Stinky Socks. Then mayhem ensues and the dares continue until all of the flavors are gone. If you thought Stinky Socks was the worst flavor to avoid, watch out for Barf, Baby Wipes, Canned Dog Food, Moldy Cheese and many more. This will keep the little ones busy, inside and away from the kitchen. If you’re interested, run don’t walk to get them because they have been selling faster than wine to adults during the holidays! They come in a 1.6 oz. box of mixed flavors for $1.99!
Well hopefully that helps with your Thanksgiving sanity so you don’t end up hoarding snacks in the closet and refusing to talk to anyone….nobody wants that. I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with fun, laughter and well food. I’m off to stock up on my pumpkin pie taffy but you crazy kids have fun this holiday!
The lady with all the candy