Cheese it up for Christmas

by Alexander Kast in Cheese


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Unfortunately cheese doesn’t easily lend itself to Christmas gifting.  The thought of leaving a hunk of cheese under the Christmas tree or even better, in the stocking over the fireplace, is a concerning deterrent.  

With that being said, the holidays are a time of family get-togethers, staff parties and lots of food.  Cheese fits in perfectly and is a great way to wow your guests with flavors they’ve never experienced.  Now is an amazing time as the case gets bulked up with tons of big, full-flavored cheeses intended to complement all of the rich, savory cuisine everyone is accustomed to this time of the year.

Here are some offered at AMAZING prices until the 24th!

Rush Creek
This American homage to Vacherin Mont d’Or boasts rich, creamy flavor and beautiful form.  With 3 cases heading our way, Rush Creek won’t be available for too long so take advantage early.  Check out this New York Times article for more information. Regular price 29.99 EA Special Price 22.99 EA

Scharfe Maxx 365
Any fan of Appenzeller will surely appreciate this newbie to the cheese world.  Extra aged for big flavors, this cheese is ideal for fondues, gratins and anything gooey. Regular Price 24.99 LB Special Price 16.99 LB!

Fromager D’Affinios
A brie-like cheese from the South of France.  Sweet, extra creamy and extremely addictive: a perfect cheese to start the evening off. Regular Price 18.99 LB Special Price 12.99 LB

A cheese of the Auvergne of France, some say it was brought by the Romans to the English isles as a predecessor to Cheddar.  Moist, earthy flavor makes this cheese perfect for cooking. Try making the traditional dish, Aligot. Regular Price 15.99 lb Special Price 11.99 LB

Come by and have a taste at the cheese counter!

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Happy Holidays

Alexander Kast