Cheesemonger Invitational

by Alexander Kast in Cheese

For those who aren’t up with their cheese vernacular, Monger is a British term coined to identify a dealer or trader of a commodity. The term has grown in popularity with the fish and cheese community (a stinky group I’m sure) with both respective worlds now using Fishmonger and Cheesemonger for anyone who mans the counter. As mongers we pride ourselves on the ability to cut and wrap with ease, weighing with our eye and feel rather than relying on the scale and to saturate our customer with more info then they may have ever cared for! We love to talk about cheese, highlight what one could pair with, rather with libation or in a cuisine. Our visual eye lends itself to merchandising and allow’s the flow of the case to look as organic and representational of the cheese as possible. These will all be part of the friendly competition of over 40 CheeseMongers from around the globe, only a handful from the South, called the CheeseMonger invitational.

The CMI 2012 is put together by Adam Moskowitz, president of Larkin International, which is a logistic’s company and cold storage facility base in Long Island City, NY. It doesn’t sound very glamorous but I assure you Mr Moskowitz is extremely passionate about what it is he does and what his business provides. Consequently If you live on the East coast, enjoy Cheese and Meats from New England and European you should be very happy that Adam does what he does, because without his love for Kappa Casein you would not be able to see many of your favorites like Neals Yard Dairy, Emmi, Jasper Hill, Columbia Cheese and more!

More than anything else this “competition” is a community builder. Cheese Mongers tend to spend long isolated hours researching, budgeting, working the counter, fine tuning cleaning procedures and training staff, rarely do we get a chance to mingle with like minded folks. CMI 2012 is our chance to show our piers what we got.

I was to attend last year’s competition but due to major storms first in North Carolina and then in New York I was unable to represent Southern Seasons. This year, plane tickets have been purchased for the day before, hotel arrangements have been made and nothing should get in my way to bring home the thrown! Check out video clips from last year’s competition here