Dad wants cheese…duh!

by Matt Hart in Cheese

With Father’s Day approaching, it seems one could cut the nervous energy in the air with a knife (preferably a cheese knife). Although men contend they’re the more easy-going of the sexes, it is my humble opinion that we men are far pickier than our female counterparts when it comes to receiving gifts from loved ones. I can see it now: frantic, last-minute shopping by Mothers with children in tow, desperately scrambling about and scrawling chicken scratch, crayon-laden notes and homemade drawings, pinning them to the obvious gift of lawn care accessory, outdoor grill accessory or more “manly” version of Kiss-the-Cook-style apron.

Fear not consumer, don’t fret yet! There will be no such mis-picking of Father’s Day gifts this year! Dad doesn’t want a new, improved lawn care accessory. Nor does he care for yet another outdoor grilling accessory (he most certainly does not want a lousy, Kiss-the-Cook-style apron!). What does Dad want, you ask? What does he really, really want? Take it from me, Dad wants CHEESE! (I am a father after all, and father knows best.)

We’ve lined up some delicious, fermented doozies at a killer price for Dad’s day! $39.99 gets you the Ultimate Dad Tray atop a gorgeous, wooden cutting board!

Check out our Dad-centric selection:

First up to the cheese plate: Wabash Cannonball or Crocodile Tear (depending on choice/availability). Both of these gems hail from our favorite American goat farm: the mighty Capriole Farmstead of Greenville, Indiana. The Cannonball is ash-ripened, sweet, silky and mildly goat-y, with gorgeous textures and flavors. The Crocodile Tear, similar to the Wabash Cannonball, is conical in form and dusted with paprika to give it a reddish/orange halo! Don’t let that halo deter you from choosing the Cannonball, as they’re both divine cheeses. Your pick!


Next up, Red Dragon: A Welsh Cheddar trapped in bright red wax made with both mustard seed and ale. Cheddar, mustard, beer… nuff said, right? If a single cheese in our case screamed “Daaaaaaaaaad!” any louder, we’d need ear plugs (now there’s a good Dad’s day gift: ear plugs). Red Dragon was an obvious choice for the Dad tray.



3rd: the Isle of Mull Cheese from Scotland’s Isle of Mull. This firm, crumbly, creamy, raw Fresian milk Cheddar is traditionally bound in cloth. It’s alluring, complex and sharp as a tack! When bitten into, this cheese bites back! Watch out, Pops!



4th up: Caveman Blue. This is probably my favorite domestic blue right now. When someone wants a rustic, gritty, strong American blue that spreads well, we always steer them towards the Caveman’s cave! Made by Central Point, Oregon’s own Rogue Creamery, Caveman Blue will raise its mighty, tastebud-ticklin’ caveman club and knock Dad’s palette into next week (in a really good way)!


Finally, the tray is rounded out by everyone’s favorite lightly fried and salted Spanish almond (the Marcona almond) and our ever popular, locally-made Pretzel Bread (sliced for Dad’s convenience of course).

If you really want to impress your Pops I strongly suggest pairing this cheese tray with a 22oz bottle of Lagunitas Hop Stoopid or the Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale. YUM!!!

Although June 16 is Father’s day, we’re offering this tray for the entire month of June. Thank a Dad (or a cheesemonger) near you!

For questions or ordering information, give us a call at the Cheese counter: (919) 913-1207