End of Summer Chocolate Choices

by Megan Scanlon in Candy

Hello Again!!

Whew, it’s been a busy summer around here and I’m sure you’re feeling the same way. We opened a new store in Richmond last month and while it was a fun, Icy Hot-endorsing experience it is definitely time to surround myself with my besties again…….the candy. Something that’s fast becoming a trend in today’s candy market is (drum roll please………seriously do it. Much more fun that way) Sea Salt! Sea Salt caramel has been all up in the candy market for quite some time but let’s strip out the caramel and get to the sodium-rich goodness that is just the sea salt!!

Candy blog AugustThe Jacobsen Salt Co. is a new vendor for us and we couldn’t be more pleased with their products. While they have a line of delicious salts, including one with vanilla bean (yes, please), the two candies we carry from them are delightful. They hand harvest their sea salt from the cold water bays in Oregon, a feat that hasn’t been done since Lewis & Clark! I’m hoping that will be a Jeopardy question in the future so I can feel much better about myself than I normally do after I watch a 20 year old answer questions that make no sense at all to me….thanks college. Anyways….Jacobsen is a salt company at its heart so they enlisted help from awesome candy makers from QUIN candies to help with their salty treats. With that magnificent help they have concocted a delicious molasses and caramel rich black licorice set off with their delicate salt that comes in at $15.99 for a full 2.4oz. You can also feel good about your self-indulgence because the box and wrappers are fully recyclable –it is an Oregon product after all!

On the flip side is Escazu Chocolates out of Raleigh, North Carolina, which focuses more on the chocolate pairing with ingredients vs. making salt shine. They do some really interesting bars but each one is unique since they do the process from start to finish themselves. The beans come to them as raw nuggets filled with possibilities and end up as hand wrapped very flavor-focused bars that make you savor every piece like it’s your last. Escazu uses a blend of Costa Rican & Venezuelan beans to make their sea salt bar. This bar is as rich as it is delicate and the salt lingers while you try to figure out what else they must’ve put in it because surely chocolate can’t be this complex. These bars are a nice way to step off the mainstream bar cliff without going way waaay out of your comfort zone. Escazu has a few different flavors to choose from but the 65% Sea Salt bar is a favorite coming into the ring at $5.99.

Want something sweet, salty and maybe a little adventurous? Look no further that Chuao Chocolatier from San Diego, California. They have a ton of bars that are great but two use sea salts to bring out the flavors they have concocted. You have the Potato Chip bar, which is a perfect balance of milk chocolate and salted kettle cooked potato chips that have somehow stayed crunchy after being spread through melted chocolate (evil geniuses I tell you). Finally the Salted Chocolate Crunch bar that has crunchy toasted salted breadcrumbs swirled into dark chocolate…yes aaaand yes! These bars hover right around the $6.99 range but they will quickly find their way into your emergency chocolate stash.

Sea salt shouldn’t be a scary ingredient that has high blood pressure-inducing results. When used right and in the right quantities it can make life so much happier. You’d be surprised how much delicious change can be made with a pinch of salt! Seeing as I’m about out of water I should go remedy that before housing the rest of these salty treats!

Until next time!

Megan (the candy lady)