In my life prior to Southern Season…

by Elizabeth Cooper in Wine & Beer

In my life prior to Southern Season, I had the distinct pleasure of working with some spectacular winemakers. One of my favorites has always been Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat and Clendenen Family Vineyards. Jim is truly a giant among men and it is always a pleasure to have the chance to converse with an artist about their craft, especially one so soulful and passionate. Au Bon Climat (loosely translates to a well placed vineyard) produces mainly Burgundian varietals (some no longer produced in Burgundy), but is probably best known for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

It is always a treat visiting wineries and having the opportunity to “barrel sample” a wine you have always loved in the bottle, allowing one to tactilely experience its origins. Tasting wine with Jim is an experience like none other – his memory is amazing and he can wax poetic on everything from yeast strains to clonal selection and their affect on the finished product.

Southern Season and Weathervane are thrilled to be hosting Jim for a Wine Dinner at Weathervane on Thursday the August 2, and as a special guest at Fridays Uncorked on August 3rd. For this auspicious occasion, we will begin the official rollout of a library release of Au Bon Climat Sierra Madre 2006 – exclusively re-released for Southern Season! And you, my loyal friends, will get the opportunity for an exclusive sneak peak next week, as we will be pouring samples in the wine department (I am giddy with excitement even as I type!) I have always been a fan of the Sierra Madre Chardonnay and am thankful that Jim agreed to release his remaining stock from the wine library exclusively for Southern Season. We will be pouring it on July 5-8, so please come by for this exclusive opportunity to taste it.

We are also graced with an exclusive release from Italy of the Fortediga Sodamagri 2005 from Maremma. This wine hails from the beautiful Tuscan countryside leading up to the Mediterranean and is 100% Syrah. A syrah from Tucany? That’s crazy! Yes, I know where you are coming from, but this is a very special wine. The soil and climate of this vineyard are much better suited for the heartier Syrah rather than the more fickle Sangiovese, running directly from the warm coastal area on a lower plain than suits Sangiovese. Originally retailing for around $60, this wine is a steal at its current special price of $19.99!! So get hooked while you can save, as you will not find this particular year of Sodamagri anywhere else.

Well, it just wouldn’t be my blog without a mention of the upcoming Friday’s Uncorked – the Wines of Lebanon. This is a category not often shown; but from an area that has and continues to produce spectacular wines. On Friday, we will have the following selection:

  • Les Gourmets Blanc
  • Ksara L’observatoire Blanc
  • Ksara Prieure
  • Ksara Cuvee des Printemps
  • Kefreya Les Britches
  • Chateau Musar

All the above paired with the appropriate Lebanese delicacies.

And really, is there a better deal going for $15 on Friday night…..I think not?!

And last, but surely not least….a HUGE shout out to my partner in blogging, Alexander Kast for the Cheesemonger Invitational. Come by and check out his Wine and Cheese of Italy class with is equally talented Sommelier brother, Maximillian Kast.