Kids’ Summertime Candy Best Bets

by Megan Scanlon in Candy

Well, hello there! Glad you decided to come back and do a bit more learnin’ about sugary things. 

So we all know summer is really the freedom cry of kids all over the country, and what do kids like? Candy!candy blog.

I’m going to let you in on a couple great, good and gross things that kids can’t get enough of. We here at Southern Season sell candy for all ages but we really aim for the kid inside, sort of like those Russian dolls that you have to keep opening until you get to the tiny tot inside. So when the ‘inner kid’ is an actual child, our job is so so much easier! All kids pull the ‘I hate anything yellow’, ‘But Timmy got a bigger one’, ‘They don’t have pink…I only eat pink’, or ‘Jack’s pulling my hair because he has to have this exact gumball’. At the end of the day, though, we tend to see a lot of little ones gravitate to the same things.

The first thing (the great) is anything that says sour or extreme sour is all over their radar. The type of sour candies we carry runs the gamut from barely sour to ‘holy hotness I’ve been blinded from the sheer amount of pain’. In all honesty, children want that initial rush of sour pain and in a perfect world all sour candy would be like Warheads. The most different…wait, no the most awesome new item we have is Sour Patch Xploderz. This oozy treat from the sour devil has gummy candy pieces shaped like fruit that are filled with some sour goo very much like a Gusher, but sugary. They come in at $3.49 for a 6.5 ounce hanging bag, which is definitely a good size for tiny tots.

The second thing, which will obviously be the gross thing, is the sour flush toilet! Now before you start tossing your cookies in a real toilet, hear me out. They come in three different colors and flavors, which will definitely appeal to all kids. The small plastic toilet is really the vehicle for the sour powder candy, which is in the toilet bowl itself. So in order for a child to enjoy it they suck on the lollipop (a plunger, of course) then swirl it into the toilet bowl and–boom–candy enjoyed! The flavors are green apple, blue raspberry or watermelon for $1.59 each. Trust me when I say you won’t regret it, this item is by far one of our largest sellers with kids and oddly enough grandparents…hhhhmmmm.

The third and last thing (the good) are good ole fashioned classic gummies. The bears, worms, alphabet letters, peach rings, apples, and sooo many more. Between the colors, flavors and ability to pound more than a handful at a time, gummies really are a perfect match for kids. Now you may not like the idea of bags of gummies all over the place BUT just think about the lack of melting, low propensity to stain and they’re easily rationed. So really, bagged or bulk gummies are both a kid’s and parent’s dream in so many different ways. If you want a more natural gummy, go for anything from the Black Forest Company because all of their gummies use real fruit juice & less sugar. If you want to slow done your child’s candy hovering abilities go for the Haribo gummies because the pectin they use makes their candies very, very chewy.

Hopefully this will help all you parents and babysitters out there with steering kids towards something they’ll like, versus taking a 15-hour journey through every piece of the candy department. These items will truly make your life easier, make your children easier bribery targets and hopefully stop kids from asking that age old summer question “why is mommy crying?” I can hear tiny voices yelling from here in my office sooooo I have to go.


See you next time!

Megan (That Girl in Candy)