Lionel Vatinet

lionel vatinet

Get to know the Chef(s)

Lionel Vatinet is a skillful Master Baker and owner of La Farm Bakery in Cary, NC, and one of the best bread producers and bread baking consultants in America. Lionel began his illustrious bread baking career when he joined France’s prestigious artisans’ guild Les Compagnons du Devoir at age 16, where he began training for 7 years to become a Maitre Boulanger (Master Baker). His goal is to share his extensive knowledge about bread baking and baking traditions to help others produce high quality handcrafted breads.

Upcoming cookbook signing: 3/8 at 2 p.m.

What are your top 5 kitchen tools?

Scale, thermometer, stainless steel bowl, paring knife, peeler

What is your favorite culinary destination?

San Francisco

What smell evokes a wonderful memory?


What do you have that is interesting in your refrigerator?

Foie Gras

When did you discover you wanted to cook for a living? What was the defining moment?

When I was 16 and entered the Les Compagnons du Devoir as an apprentice.

How do you decompress?

By playing table tennis.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In Nepal on the top of the Himalayans.

If you were not a cook/chef, what would you be?

Professional rugby player.