Matt and Ted Lee


Get to know the Chef(s)

Upcoming cookbook signing: 10/4 3:00 PM 

What are your top 5 kitchen tools?

Cast-iron skillet, chef’s knife, sturdy tongs, microplane grater, commercial-grade manual citrus juicer

What is your favorite culinary destination?


What smell evokes a wonderful memory?

The aroma of peanuts boiling.

What do you have that is interesting in your refrigerator?

Pickled radishes.

When did you discover you wanted to cook for a living? What was the defining moment?

We’d written a story about a road-trip we took to northern Florida for Food & Wine magazine, and the editor asked us to develop recipes that would distill the essence of the journey. We had so much fun testing and developing the recipes we thought, “Hey, let’s do this full time!”

How do you decompress?

Matt: Sailing

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hard enough for us to envision where we see ourselves in the next 10 days! 10 years?!

If you were not a cook/chef, what would you be?

Matt: Antiques dealer
Ted: An English teacher