Meet Kim Calaway


Kim Calaway is manager of Southern Season’s Chapel Hill Cooking School. After running the store’s tasting station and working in prep and as an instructor in the school,  she took over as manager in October 2015. Says Kim, “My life is consumed by food! Cooking with family and friends makes the world go around and placing food on the table can bring all walks of life together. It is incredible to sit back, watch, and listen to what is said, shared, laughed and cried about around a table of food.”

A military brat, Kim moved a lot while growing up but spent much of her youth in Germany. A large part of her personal life exists in the kitchen and Kim has  attended cooking classes (or simply stood in the kitchen of wise old women) all over Europe. She has also taught children how to cook as a pre-school teacher for six years,  served as a Managing Director for Pampered Chef in the mid-90s,  and owned a small hors d’oeuvres catering business. That has led her full circle to where she is now writing a cookbook on how to create memories with food.

Kim does find time to shop for vintage furniture (mid-century modern) and care for her two Boxers that she and her husband adopted from the Carolina Boxer Rescue. Soccer is the other constant in her life. She was an administrator for a youth soccer club for several years and she attends Carolina Railhawks games religiously (her husband is the stadium announcer).