Meet our Team: Paola Cisarano-Canelli

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Paola is our front of the house manager at Weathervane and you can always see her helping our guests and family, while sharing her passion for food and cheer.  

Q. Tell us about yourself and your time at Southern Season.

A. Being born and raised in Rome, Italy, I was exposed right away to different flavors of food and people alike. As the capital city of Italy, it’s a central confluence of culture and culinary diversity.  So after moving to America, it was natural for me to be drawn to a career in the food and beverage industry in different shapes and forms.  In 2013, I began working at the Weathervane Restaurant & Patio and I enjoy working in a an environment that shares a passion for both local and international products.

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. Fresh, local food from the farmer’s market that I can use to create my family recipes at home.

Q. What is a fun fact no one would typically know about you?

A. I love music and my musical interests range widely from classical to rock n’ roll to bluegrass.  One of my favorite things to do is attend concerns.  I have seen artists such as Miles Davis, Prince, David Bowie and the list goes on.  I may enjoy every genre of music, but I am a true rock n’ roll chick at heart.

Q. If you could have any person over for a meal, who would it be and what  would you choose to cook for them?

A. I would to have the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Captain Picard and Spiderman over for a meal.  I would cook spaghetti with puttanesca sauce accompanied with a bubbly prosecco (minus the anchovies because I’m pretty sure the Dalai Lama is vegetarian).

Q. Tell us about your favorite guest experience.

A. We have one gentleman, who has been a customer for years.  He comes every Sunday brunch to the bar with his daughter and orders his favorite drink, the Weathervane Old Fashioned.  He recently came in and celebrated his 100th birthday with us!  Every time he comes in, our conversations just get better and better. It’s special to hear stories and learn so much from someone who has experienced life not just in a great length of time, but in great depth as well.  He told me he loves coming to the Weathervane because of the care and kindness we share towards him.  And to me, it makes me happy when customers become more than guests.  They become family.

Q. What is your favorite product from North Carolina?

Crook’s Corner Stoneground Grits: This rustic classic southern product is a warm delight that is rich in creaminess and super fast and easy to cook.

I use it as spin off of classic Italian polenta dishes. 

Q. What is your favorite dish at the Weathervane?

A. The Ashe Co. pimento cheese fritters because of their flavor-richness, creaminess and spiciness wrapped up into one bite.  The sweet tea glazed salmon is also a favorite because it is a healthy choice but still has a touch of sweetness.

Q. What are some of your favorite products at Southern Season?

Italian cheese, wines and traditional Italian cakes including Pandoro and Columba( look for them at our store this Christmas)