Meet our Team: Björn Nordwall


Björn is our resident Beer Merchant who makes sure we have the best selection of craft beers from breweries around North Carolina, the country and the world.  

Q. Tell us about yourself and your time at Southern Season.

A. I grew up in Connecticut, and moved to North Carolina when I was in middle school.  I studied at Appalachian State and Södertörns in Sweden, before finishing my studies at Southern New Hampshire University.  For years, I have worked in the beer world, and have always loved Southern Season, for its vast wine & beer selection, but also its diverse assortment of foods that cannot be found anywhere else.  I joined the Southern Season team this past fall seeking to expand my knowledge of wine & beer and share my passions with the community.

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. Blood Pudding (Swedish Version).  My dad would bring it back with him after every trip to Sweden and it quickly became me and my sister’s favorite. It is something I look forward to every visit to Sweden.

Q. What is a fun fact no one would typically know about you?

A. I have dual citizenship with Sweden and the United States.

Q. If you could have any person over for a drink, who would it be and what drink would you share?

A. I would have Henrik Lundquist of the New York Rangers, and share Bastianich Vespa Bianco, a delicious Italian white wine.

Q. What are some of your favorite breweries in North Carolina?

A. Trophy Brewing of Raleigh, NC, Wicked Weed of Asheville, NC, White Street Brewing of Wake Forest, and Mother Earth Brewing of Kinston, NC

Q. What are some of your favorite products in Wine and Beer?

A. Brekeriet Saaza Dry Hopped Sour Pale Ale ,  Carlsberg (Guilty Pleasure) 

Q. What are some of your favorite products at Southern Season?

1. Kalles Caviar

2. Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker

3. Messermesiter 8″ Chef Knife

4. Schaller + Weber Knackwurst