Thankful for Cheese

by Alexander Kast in Cheese

I am a happy man and I have lots to be thankful for.  I am lucky for having a great family, for my good health and to have one of the coolest jobs one can think of.  Not many people have the joy of selling a product you feel so adamantly about, much less love.  Few get to develop such long lasting relationships as this ‘career’ path has provided. 
Cheese has brought me to London to work at the amazing Neal’s Yard Dairy… read more

Cheese Plates…how to make your guests gush over your selection and display

by Alexander Kast in Cheese, Cheese

This past weekend I taught a class at the wonderful TerraVITA Event in Chapel Hill, an amazing culinary education seminar highlighting sustainable and local food & beverage.  The event is organized for Colleen Mitten, whom I have to give a big high five for orchestrating such a fabulous get together (big ups to Breana Lai Beck and Amanda Miller as well)!  Every year it gets better and better.
 I had the great opportunity… read more

An Evening with Krug

by Elizabeth Cooper in Cheese, Cheese, Wine & Beer

On Monday evening Southern Season hosted an evening with Champagne Krug.  We were honored to have in attendance Ian Cauble, US Ambassador for Champagne Krug, to walk attendees through four of these exceptional wines.  Krug is one of the world’s most iconic Champagnes; and you will easily find that most people readily remember and share their first time tasting the wine.
The House of Krug was established in 1848… read more

It’s time to get cozy with Gruyere!

by Alexander Kast in Cheese, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese

In my opinion, fall is the best time of the year.  The food selection is still plump from the summer and it’s perfectly acceptable to prepare big, savory, heavier dishes.  With Thanksgiving less than a month away, we all could use some new ideas on what to bring to the table and impress our friends & family!
Starting Nov 1st, the cheese counter will have a stellar Gruyere available for just $14.99 LB (while supplies… read more

Tuscany, Italy

by Elizabeth Cooper in Cheese, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese, Wine & Beer

While making our way around Tuscany our ‘home base’ for those few days was Fattoria Casabianca (http://www.fattoriacasabianca.it/), a quaint agrotourismo outside the picturesque town of Caschina in Murlo. Casabianco is a family owned farm/vineyard/winery that produces a line of Chiantis in and around the foothills of Montalcino.
This evocative, timeless landscape hosts five 13th century farmhouses,… read more

Raclette, that’s French for scrape…

by Alexander Kast in Cheese, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese

One of our most popular cheeses this time of the year is our French Raclette (which coincidentally is on Special at $10.99lb, normally $13.99lb), a robust, funky cheese used to make the iconic gooey dish of the same name.  The word Raclette translates from French to mean “scrape” (or “squeegee” according to Google Translate), which is how the dish is prepared. 
The story goes that a couple of French guys in… read more

Monte Rosola and Il Poggione

by Elizabeth Cooper in Cheese, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese, Wine & Beer

The second half of my Italian vacation took me to a lovely vineyard and winery just outside of Volterra, Monte Rosola (www.monterosola.com).  The owners, Gottfried and Carmen Schmitt, were most hospitable hosts.  When we arrived it was an absolute deluge, so rather than wandering the vineyards we were treated to a spectacular Tuscan lunch while tasting through the Schmitts’ lineup.  This included several… read more

Italy: Sights, Sounds, Culture and Flavors

by Elizabeth Cooper in Cheese, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer

Having just returned from a spectacular trip to Italy, it seems only fitting to dedicate the next few blogs to the wonderful sights, sounds, culture and flavors of the various regions visited. I made the trip with three close friends; we started in Venice, arriving in the early evening to stroll the ancient alleyways (no room for vehicles here) and canals looking for a restaurant recommended by a native Venetian friend.… read more

Autumn Brews

by Elizabeth Cooper in Cheese, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Cheese, Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer

Written by Rosiland Schwartz Southern Season Beer Geek
Fall is finally upon us, gentle readers, and with the changing seasons comes a tidal wave of new and exciting fall beers. If you like to drink seasonally, like I do, you’ll already have downed a few Märzens and a few Pumpkin beers, but you may still be wondering about the origins of those styles and what makes them so popular today. Well, wonder no more! What follows… read more


Susan Hearn

Get to know the Chef
What are your top 5 kitchen tools?
Wooden Spoon
Micro Plane
Vita Mix
All Clad Pots
What is your favorite culinary destination?
 Greece – I know it is really a country not a city but the whole country is smaller than any state in the US.  I love the island cuisine.  How fresh and natural all the food is there.
What smell evokes a wonderful memory?
The smell of cinnamon,… read more