Twine & Twig: Southern Handcrafted Jewelry

by Emily McGuire

Charlotte, North Carolina sisters Elizabeth White and Jacquelyn Buckner’s handcrafted jewelry collection, Twine and Twig, is as eclectic and unique as Southern culture. White and Buckner’s attention to detail and modernization of ancient jewelry making methods and styles have landed them at the Garden and Gun Jubilee and as a finalist for the 2014 Martha Stewart Made in America Award. Their… read more

Candy – A Thanksgiving Essential!

by Megan Scanlon in Candy

Hello fellow sugarholics, my name is Megan (hello Megan)! I know you all have bowls of Halloween candy floating around and have been endlessly eating from them. Now’s not the time for judging, I swear, BUT don’t think you can forget about Thanksgiving. When making a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner instead of hearing birds chirping, seeing deer peacefully grazing outside and having daydreams of Martha Stewart proclaiming… read more

Pickles and Preserves – Andrea Weigl

by Emily McGuire in Candy, Learn

Award winning food writer at the Raleigh, NC News and Observer and author of a new cookbook Pickles and Preserves, Andrea Weigl is an expert on putting delicious things in jars. She uses the best of each season’s harvest to preserve produce for year round enjoyment with extensively tested recipes. 
In November, we are extremely pleased to host Andrea in two pickling events. We caught up with her to give you a… read more

Vivian Howard’s Picks: Hometown Hero

in Candy, Learn, Learn, News & Events

“Every town, big or small, has this guy. He’s a fixture at every fundraiser, a little league coach, and the guy who invites all the new folks in town over to his house for a barbecue. Unofficial mayors lack pretense, understand quality and love a salty peanut. So say thank you to the “guy who knows everybody’s name” with a few things he’ll enjoy.” – Vivian Howard
_________________________________________________________________________… read more

Charleston Winning Birthday Cake Recipe

by Emily McGuire

As part of our one year birthday celebration in Charleston, we held a birthday cake recipe contest on Saturday, October 11. We wanted to find the best birthday cake to help us celebrate, and we were not disappointed.
Congratulations to Elin Philpot who won Saturday’s Birthday Cake Recipe Contest!
It was a tough competition, but our expert judges picked this delicious recipe.
Eight Layer Honey Cake with Dulce de Leche… read more

Wine Harvest

by Elizabeth Cooper in Candy, Learn, Learn, News & Events, Wine & Beer

As the 2014 harvest draws to a close – the winemaker can reflect on the nail biting anticipation that goes along with the lead-up to this flurry of activity. Like almost no other business, the year’s toil is wrapped up into this small, highly anticipated window: a culmination of a year in the vineyard, at the hands of Mother Nature. Each vintage brings with it its own personality. In the words of a good friend and winemaker… read more

Southern Season Partners with Celebrity Chef Vivian Howard

by Chris Holaday in Candy, Learn, Learn, News & Events, Wine & Beer, News & Events

Shop Vivian Howard Gifts
Southern Season is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Chef Vivian Howard of the PBS series A Chef’s Life, a Peabody Award winner and James Beard Award finalist in 2014. The collaboration, a first for both the North Carolina-born chef and the North Carolina-based gourmet marketplace, will launch just in time for the holidays.
Born in the small Lenoir County, N.C.… read more

You Think You Know Grits?

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Southerners have been on to something special for ages: grits. This beloved staple is served in many forms, from the classic way with just butter, salt and pepper to dressed up with cheese, jalapeños, shrimp or any number of other ingredients. Depending on the type of corn used, grits can be either yellow of white, but Southerners love them both: 75% of the country’s grits… read more

Approaching Autumn with Grafton Village Cheeses

by Matt Hart in Candy, Learn, Learn, News & Events, Wine & Beer, News & Events, Learn, Recipes, Cheese

As a cheesemonger, constantly scouring the planet for good foodstuffs, I must admit, it’s easy to overlook fantastic familiar cheeses. That may sound funny to the average cheese lover, but with a constant barrage of “the next big thing”, it’s easy to forget about the classic cheeses we’ve all come to know and love. Imagine you have unlimited access (barring FDA strangleholds of course) to cheeses made around… read more

Chef Series: Celia Cerasoli

We get to know some of the best chefs in the South, and we would be remiss if we did not share their wonderful personalities with you. In our Chef Series, we sit down with these culinary experts to ask them their favorite gastronomic memories.
Celia Cerasoli
Charleston, South Carolina

Chef/Owner of the late and great Celia’s Porta Via, and now sharing her famous lasagna through Celia’s of Charleston… read more