Warm Up Your Winter With Chili

by Chris Holaday in Learn, Recipes

Macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, fried chicken–we love our comfort food but on a cold winter day, nothing warms quite like a bowl full of steaming chili. Formally called “chili con carne,” the stew-like dish that originated as a blend of dried chile peppers and beef is one of the country’s most popular comforting meals (in one form or another) from coast to coast.
No one knows for sure when and how chili originated… read more

A Sparkling Toast to Start the Year

by Chris Holaday in Learn, Recipes, Wine & Beer

Whether you’re staying in and having a quiet New Year’s Eve or going out to party, popping open a bottle of bubbly as the clock ticks midnight has become a tradition worldwide. Once seen as the luxurious drink of aristocrats, sparkling wines have been the celebratory beverage of choice at parties and momentous occasions for centuries.
Not to get too much into the science of why sparkling wines sparkle, but the cause… read more

Celebrate The Holidays With Beer

by Chris Holaday in Learn, Recipes, Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer

If you’re into beer, your beverage of choice on a hot July day is not going to be the same one you reach for on cold, dark December evening. You may love your IPAs and light lagers, but winter is the time of year to branch out and try some heartier brews that are perfect for the season.
Cool weather brings the arrival of beers from around the world that are often maltier and darker with less hops. Many also have higher levels of… read more

The Grape That Reigns Supreme

by Chris Holaday

In the world of red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon has long been the king. The dark ruby-colored wine made from arguably the most famous grape variety in the world is the stuff of legend. Wine drinkers covet it and pay big money to invest in the latest offerings from First Growth Bordeaux, like Chateau Mouton Rothschild. But top wines from the new world bring high dollars as well. Check out the prices for bottles from some of Screaming… read more

Fall Flavors

by Charlotte Myer in Learn, Recipes, Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer, Specialty Grocery

The air is getting cooler and the pumpkin spice lattes are being served, which can only mean one thing: fall is officially here.  Truth be told, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with fall.  I love how beautiful the colors are when the leaves are turning, and I’m a sucker for weather in which I can wrap myself up in a big scarf, but I absolutely adore the long, hot days of summer so the changing of the seasons… read more

Product Spotlight: Escazú Chocolates

by Chris Holaday in Learn, Recipes, Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer, Specialty Grocery, Candy

It was during a trip to Costa Rica in 2004, that chef Hallot Parson made a discovery that changed his life. There, in the town of Escazú, he visited a small chocolate shop and the idea of opening a business that produced fine chocolate, from bean to bar, was born. 
Back in the U.S., Parson founded Escazú (named for the Costa Rican town) in Beaufort, North Carolina. In 2007, he moved to Raleigh and soon he and business and… read more

Beer Extravaganza

by Peyton Ware

This week’s blog is all about beer. More specifically, our fourth annual Home Brew Competition and Beer Extravaganza. On Saturday, November 7th from 1-4 p.m. we will be hosting several local breweries, brewers and vendors to celebrate our home brew competition. Starting at 1 p.m. on Saturday we will have a selection of local breweries and brewers on hand to sample their best offerings as well as several food vendors.… read more

Fall is a fantastic season for candy!

by Megan Scanlon in Learn, Recipes, Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer, Specialty Grocery, Candy, Candy

Hello everyone and welcome to fall. I know we all thought we’d never make it through the hot summer alive but we did it!! Now it’s time to celebrate with candy, but not just any candy…new candy (oooh aaaahh). There are also some new hot chocolates coming in that are sure to pique your interests as well. Let’s discuss.
The first company on the docket is a great company from Kentucky called Cellar Door Chocolates. Cellar… read more

Chocolate 101

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Since chocolate is one of the world’s most popular products (and we take great pride in our huge selection of sweet treats) we thought we would share a few fun and interesting facts:
The scientific named for the cocoa tree is theobroma cacao.  Theobroma is derived from the Greek words theo (god) and broma (food). So…essentially chocolate is the “food of the gods.”
Cocoa trees are native to the tropical regions… read more

The Corkscrew: The Wine Lover’s Best Friend For 400 Years

by Chris Holaday in Learn, Recipes, Wine & Beer, Wine & Beer, Specialty Grocery, Candy, Candy, Candy, Wine & Beer

Before any wine aficionado takes that first sip of ruby or golden nectar it must first be freed from the glass container in which it has so lovingly been sealed by the winemaker. To do so usually requires the assistance of a corkscrew, something most probably think of as a utilitarian device that languishes in a kitchen drawer until needed.
Early wine bottles were sealed by corks inserted in such a way that a substantial… read more