Kitchen Queries – Immersion Blenders

by Emily McGuire in Learn, Recipes

We’re proud of the many experts we have at Southern Season, and they’re here to help you with any conundrums you’re facing in the kitchen. Our video series picks a question every other week from posts tagged #SSKitchenQueries on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Post your queries and you may see an answer here!
 This week, we received the following question:

Our Chapel Hill Cooking School… read more

Celebrate National Hot Tea Month With Us

by Caroline Cahan in Learn, Recipes, Coffee & Tea

This month, we’re celebrating National Hot Tea Month, and will have ongoing samplings, information sharing and more at the tea counter in our stores. In case you can’t make it to the store shop our selection of tea online.
We’ll start with some basic information and general tips and expand from there. Each week we’ll concentrate on a different category, beginning with the Herbal or Botanical category,… read more

Make Eating Good Cheese a Resolution in 2015!

by Dany Schutte in Learn, Recipes, Coffee & Tea, Cheese

Happy New Year! Hope the holidays treated everyone well. The New Year brings an opportunity for new beginnings, and thus I jump into my new adventure as the buyer in the cheese category here at Southern Season with full force. They say a good cheese counter is a cooperative effort of the cheesemonger’s palette and the customer’s desires. It is with this in mind I begin the New Year, travelling through the other locations,… read more

National Bloody Mary Day

by Charlotte Myer in Learn, Recipes, Coffee & Tea, Cheese, Learn, Wine & Beer


“I’ve always loved New Year’s Day. More than the festivities of the night before, with their requisite planning, expectations, and the very real risk of having to wear high heels, New Year’s Day always feels like a fresh start: a day of optimism, and looking forward, and of making resolutions. But it’s also a day to sleep in and have a big brunch, which to me has always felt like… read more

Celebrate the Holidays with Cheese!

by Dany Schutte in Learn, Recipes, Coffee & Tea, Cheese, Learn, Wine & Beer, Cheese

Can you believe December is upon us already? I certainly am struggling with that realization. A lot has happened in my world within the last six months. I came aboard Southern Season in June to open the Richmond location and run the cheese counter there. Then a month ago, Matt Hart, the cheesemonger you all know and love from the Chapel Hill location, moved on to another gig. Good luck to you, Matt, we will still be seeing… read more

Holiday Gingerbread House Decorating

in Learn, Recipes, Coffee & Tea, Cheese, Learn, Wine & Beer, Cheese, News & Events

Will you decorate a candy cottage or a marshmallow mansion? Let your imagination run wild as you create your own decorative centerpiece for everyone to enjoy during the holiday season. Each attendee will decorate his/her own house to take home.Ages 7 and up. One gingerbread house per attendee. A light snack will be served.
Find Classes Near You:
Charleston, SC
11/29 Saturday 12 p.m. – Register
11/29 Saturday… read more

Vivian Howard’s Picks: The Urban Dweller

“Having done my time living in a big city and now residing in the country, I have alittle chip on my shoulder. I always want my city friends to know that I’m inthe know. I don’t want them to think that because my idea of a traffic jam is atractor blocking the road that I’ve lost touch with the rest of the world.
I also understand that my city friends don’t want knick knacks to clutter their typically small living… read more

Guy Rieme Mont Jura

by Dany Schutte in Learn, Recipes, Coffee & Tea, Cheese, Learn, Wine & Beer, Cheese, News & Events, Cheese

I love cheese! I wouldn’t be doing what I do, for as long as I have done it, without there being a deep driving love for this creation we call cheese. That being said, it is sometimes difficult to surprise me or delight me in a new way. This is one of Matt Hart’s last big purchases for Southern Season. Before his departure from us, he selected this single product of Guy Rieme Mont Jura in France. And, I have to say, I am delighted!… read more

Twine & Twig: Southern Handcrafted Jewelry

by Emily McGuire

Charlotte, North Carolina sisters Elizabeth White and Jacquelyn Buckner’s handcrafted jewelry collection, Twine and Twig, is as eclectic and unique as Southern culture. White and Buckner’s attention to detail and modernization of ancient jewelry making methods and styles have landed them at the Garden and Gun Jubilee and as a finalist for the 2014 Martha Stewart Made in America Award. Their… read more

Candy – A Thanksgiving Essential!

by Megan Scanlon in Learn, Recipes, Coffee & Tea, Cheese, Learn, Wine & Beer, Cheese, News & Events, Cheese, Candy

Hello fellow sugarholics, my name is Megan (hello Megan)! I know you all have bowls of Halloween candy floating around and have been endlessly eating from them. Now’s not the time for judging, I swear, BUT don’t think you can forget about Thanksgiving. When making a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner instead of hearing birds chirping, seeing deer peacefully grazing outside and having daydreams of Martha Stewart proclaiming… read more