Raclette, that’s French for scrape…

by Alexander Kast in Cheese

One of our most popular cheeses this time of the year is our French Raclette (which coincidentally is on Special at $10.99lb, normally $13.99lb), a robust, funky cheese used to make the iconic gooey dish of the same name.  The word Raclette translates from French to mean “scrape” (or “squeegee” according to Google Translate), which is how the dish is prepared. 

The story goes that a couple of French guys in the country side fell asleep by the open fire after dinner without stowing the cheese away. The cheese, being in close proximity to the flame, started to bubble, and the aroma permeating the campsite awaked the gentleman from their slumber.  As they woke up, they saw this beautiful sight, just browned from the fire and decided to salvage the cheese by scraping the remainder off.  Not wanting to waste, they spread the wonderful, melted kappa casein on to boiled potatoes and some pickled cornichons.  Thus the dish and name were born!

This dish is also great with meats, breads and be sure to try with some traditional Vin De Savoie or other alpine varieties. 

Come by and try a taste of our French Raclette but remember that if it melts, it can be used on Raclette!








Old School Looking Copper Raclette Grill










Raclette Stand at the Borough Market in London, England