Cooking School at Southern Season - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Class: Discover the Flavors of Veracruz

Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 4:00pm


Wine Pairing Included

Chef: Marcelo Villasuso

Description: The cuisine of Veracruz, located in the Gulf of Mexico, is a genuine melting pot of cultures. The three main influences are the ancient Olmec and Toltec civilizations; Moorish Mediterranean from Andalusia, Spain; and Afro-Caribbean. These dishes are well known for love of their native ingredients such as vanilla and chocolate. Seafood dishes from this region are sublime. Join Marcelo Villasuso and find delight in spicy, sweet and sour flavors.

Menu: Traditional Rum-Peanut Cocktail; Chipotle and Orange Shrimp Tacos; Chilled Tomato and Orange Seafood Soup Garnished with Olive Oil and Avocado; Pickled Red Snapper with Fried Capers and Jalapeños; Almond Cookies