Cooking School at Southern Season - Charleston, South Carolina

CLASS: Heirloom Recipes

Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 4:00pm

Chef: Lisa Moore, Nicole Marriner and Marilyn Markel

An heirloom recipe is worth its weight in heirloom gold. Seriously. How else can you savor grandma’s biscuits once she’s gone? Our Cooking School Staff—Lisa Moore, Nicole Marriner and Marilyn Markel—team up to share and celebrate some family-favorite heirloom recipes. Lisa has a German heritage, Nicole’s roots are Italian and Marilyn is a Southern girl, so it is sure to be a diverse representation. Join this trio as each shares family favorites that have been passed down for generations.

Menu: Eierschwammerl Suppe (Chanterelle Mushroom Soup); Nicole's Grandmother's Lasagna with Bechamel and Meat Sauce; Grannies Fried Pies