Share the Food Foundation

One in six Americans are hungry. For children younger than five, the number is even more alarming – one in four go to bed hungry in our land of plenty. Here in North Carolina the problem is only getting worse.

Share the Food is a non-profit foundation focused on taking a bite out of the hunger problem in the communities surrounding Southern Season. Share the Food also provides local families the opportunity to learn techniques of food preparation and nutrition and assists other charitable organizations in their fight against hunger.

Southern Season would not have grown into the store that it is today without the unwavering support of the surrounding community and is proud to take the opportunity to give back to those in need through the Share the Food foundation.

Southern Season is committed to making the lives of our customers and employees better in the following key areas: ending hunger, issues of poverty and healthy food and nutrition education.

Click here for information on how to apply for a grant. Download the grant application PDF here.