Boasting over 380 varieties, our Cheese Department is a veritably global forum for the discussion and enjoyment of the wonder that is cheese. Our cheesemonger has scoured the planet for the finest selection of artisanal and farmstead cheeses designed to suit any palate. British Stilton sits alongside Italian Gorgonzola and Swiss Gruyère in juxtaposition to a wide range of American varietals that are sure to meet any texture or flavor requirements.

With a strong emphasis on locality, we offer a wide variety of cheeses produced locally, often inviting the cheesemaker to create a special display while offering samples and information to patrons. Erudite and conversant, our enthusiastic staff will quite literally talk with you and answer questions until the cows come home! Offering up an exorbitant amount of cheese wisdom, our experts provide descriptions, recommendations, and wine pairings for each variety. Should their vivid descriptions not suffice, we will happily provide tastes and samples to ensure you leave with the perfect cheese.