At Southern Season, we understand that the right bottle of wine can elevate a meal to astonishing heights. This is but one of the myriad reasons we expanded to maintain a selection of over 4,000 wines. Additionally, we boast a vast beer selection representing more than 1,000 brews from both local (at last count the number craft breweries in North Carolina was over 80) and global breweries. Our passion for wine and beer is complemented by a wealth of knowledge and proficiency, and allows us to assist in your choice of the right bottle for any occasion, no matter your budget. We are confident our selections will please all, from novice to connoisseur.

We provide private on and off-site tastings as well as classes and seminars for any size group. Each month a case of wine and beer is dutifully selected by our in-house sommelier to offer our customers a tasteful swathe of our selection and is available for purchase or subscription. On Saturdays we offer premium tastings from select vendors and are poised to ship our wines worldwide.

Join us every Friday between 5 to 8 p.m. for a great way to start your weekend. Fridays Uncorked is a wine tasting event held in our Cooking School where you will enjoy a selection of wines guided by our passionate wine experts. Included are some selected food pairings, making it an all-around great way to expand your wine knowledge while mingling with friends. The themes for these gatherings range from international spotlights to specific varietals and characteristics and are priced accordingly.

Wine & Beer Tasting Bar

Customers can now discover their favorite new wine or beer in Southern Season’s newly opened Wine and Beer Tasting Bar. The Tasting Bar offers a broad selection of exquisite wines and draught beers hand-picked by our expert staff to delight enthusiasts and debunk hesitations. Southern Season has invested in a state-of-the art WineStation, which stores wine anaerobically at a specific temperature, affording customers the ability to sample rare and vintage wines that would otherwise require bottles and corking to retain taste and freshness. Finally, in addition to wine and beer, we are proud to offer fresh artisanal cheeses and charcuteries to bring your experience full circle.

Sommelier Elizabeth Cooper is Southern Season’s Wine Buyer and Department Manager. Read her blog to learn more about wine and upcoming events!