Sushi Rolls

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½ sheet nori seaweed
¾ cup sushi rice

Optional Ingredients:
Cucumber Sticks cut ¼” by ¼” by 6”
Avocado Sticks cut ¼” by ¼” by 6”
Wasabi Paste
Black Bean Sauce
Bamboo Shoot Pickles
Cream Cheese
Wasabi fumi Furikake rice seasoning
Pickled Ginger

You'll Need:

Bamboo rolling matt with plastic wrap


1. Cover your bamboo rolling matt with plastic wrap. Place nori sheet with the shiny side down on a bamboo rolling mat. On the side closest to you move the sheet to about 1 inch from the edge.
2. Combine about 4 oz of cream cheese with 2 heaping Tbsp rice seasoning. Spread cream cheese on ½ the nori sheet.
3. Dampen your hands in a bowl of water, mixed with a little rice vinegar.
4. Put about ¼ cup rice on the the left hand side of the mat closest to you spread the rice over the nori leaving about ¼” free of rice on the far side of the nori. The rice should cover the entire nori except the far side.
5. Place your optional ingredients on the roll using a decorative, symmetrical pattern.
6. Lift the edge of the rolling mat closest to you with your thumbs and gently bring the mat edge straight down so that the bottom edge of the nori meets the top edge of the rice.
7. Squeeze the entire roll at the end and remove the mat. Slice decoratively and serve with soy sauce and wasabi paste.

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