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Chapel Hill Creamery Hickory Grove Cheese

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Hickory Grove makes the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich! It has a rich, buttery flavor, lacy, smooth texture, and melts beautifully. Made with raw milk, Hickory Grove has a natural washed rind with just a hint of funkiness – it’s made in the style of monastery cheeses, usually named after the monastery where they’re made. We don’t have a monastery here at CHC, but we do have the Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church at the head of our road; hence the name. Hickory Grove can be served melted over potatoes like a Raclette, or makes for a great cheeseburger.

Wine Pairing: Traditional Chianti from Tuscany is a nice match. There is a good balance of flavors between the cheese and the red fruit of the Sangiovese grapes.

Beer Pairing: Chapel Hill Creamery recommends an Oktoberfest beer. These amber-colored Bavarian Marzen beers are full and toasty and have a mid-weight substantiality which balances the intensity of the cheese.

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