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Primula Flowering Green Tea Variety

Product SKU # 372-0012
Primula’s Gift Canister of Green Tea with Variety Flavors renders an exquisite experience the instant you untie the bow and pop off the lid. Inside each caddy, you’ll find carefully wrapped green tea buds that are individually labeled and show a picture of the encapsulated beauty within. 3 Pomegranate, 3 Jasmine, 3 Vanilla, and 3 Acai Berry flowers are included in this gift set. All four varieties deliver a delicious flavored healthy green tea that is not only savory, but also fascinating to brew. Each flowering bud is made with freshly plucked AA green tea leaves hand tied around dried flowers. And each tea bloom yields 15 cups of tea just by adding hot water to the flower throughout the day. Experience a cup of Oriental Beauty, Butterfly Floret, Juliet’s Kiss and more. Each canister makes over 250 cups of tea.
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