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Ein Harod Siziphus Blossom Honey

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The honeys of the Ein Harod Apiary, marketed under the brand name “Gideon Spring®” , have established a worldwide reputation for their consistently high quality. Specialist beekeepers from Kibbutz Ein Harod, take the hives to the best flowers in areas where they are most plentiful. The honey is 100% pure, with absolutely no additives, preservatives or sugars and is recommended for vegetarians and vegans. The rich aromatic nectar of the siziphus plant produces a unique and savory flavored honey. Siziphus trees grow mainly in the desert, specifically the Negev region and the Jordan Valley. The siziphus tree is featured prominently in the Holy Scriptures. For example, siziphus branches were used for building the Ark of the Tabernacle at the Temple in Jerusalem as well as for the wreath of thorns placed on the head of Jesus before the crucifixion.
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