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Griff's Dark Chocolate Coffee Toffee 7oz

Product SKU # 171-0075

 Distinctive to its namesake(Chapel Hill Toffee), Griff's Dark Chocolate Coffee Toffee is also made right here in Chapel Hill, NC.  It begins with a thick layer of traditional English toffee that is then handcoated on both sides with a top-secret blend of dark chocolates.  They have added a smooth shot of delicious espresso to enhance the traditional toffee.  The smooth layers are then finished off with a sprinkling of fresh pecans that adds a distinctive, and espresso filled southern twist!

Customer Ratings & Reviews
by: Victoria P.
April 3, 2018
OMG!!! The best!!

I was gifted this Toffee as a thank you. I have shared this delicious treat with my coworkers and we can\'t stop raving about how we enjoy the flavor and textures. I definitely will be take a drive to Southern Seasons for my own box.