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Microplane Grater 12" W/ Plastic Handle Microplane

Product SKU # 242-3111
The world's best grater and zester. Perfect for citrus, hard cheeses, chocolate, and more.

"For years now, I’ve preached the gospel of the microplane. I zest like crazy, grate like a mad woman and find myself putting just a little nutmeg in almost everything. In short, microplanes are essential." –Vivian Howard
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by: Dr Kim Lowe
April 29, 2014
Grating surface has flattened on 2 of my 4 Microplane graters

Initially these were so good. I loved them. I now have four Microplane graters. After 4 years the blades on the Classic series zester have flattened down so that it does not work. Then the fine paddle grater did the same. I will throw them away. There are now graters at half the price that do the same. I will not buy Microplane again, the metal seems too soft. The cheaper one I purchased out performs the Microplane by far. It is interesting that testing of these does not include their ability to maintain their structure with time. I am the only person in my house who uses them and I cook for myself and my wife mainly so there is no excessive use. I am disappointed and feel that I have been deceived about these products.
We live and learn.