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OXO Good Grips Pick Me Up Tea Kettle Brushed Stainless Steel

In 199X, OXO introduced its first Tea Kettle. Safety and practicality were the guiding principles during the development process, and our little Kettle came complete with an innovative steam shield. Through user feedback, we realized we missed a key consumer insight - that a Tea Kettle, while a practical kitchen tool, is often a centerpiece in the kitchen. Users would leave them out on the stovetop when not in use and some even coordinated their entire kitchen decor around their Kettles. While the steam shield was innovative, it was considered by many to be unsightly. In 1998, we corrected the aesthetic flaws to our otherwise safe, practical and well-performing Kettle with the Uplift. The kicker is that all of its elegant aesthetics came as a direct result of making the Uplift safe and easy to use.
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