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Charleston Gourmet Burger Marinade

Product SKU # 441-0003
Lend Lowcountry flavors to burgers with a marinade from Charleston Gourmet Burger Company. A blend of nine spices and herbs, simply combine with ground beef, venison or turkey for a gourmet burger sans the fancy toppings. Rich and savory, Charleston Gourmet Burger Company reimagines the backyard barbecue.
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by: Hollis
March 16, 2014
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Wow! What a tasty burger!
Just a1/4 cup of this will turn a pound of plain burger into mouth watering beefy goodness.
I ate the 1st burger with the works, very good burger.
Then I ate the 2nd burger without buns, mustard, or ketchup. Both were very good burgers. I can't wait to fire up my grill.